Streamlined Practice Implementation



By using state-of-the-art technology we seamlessly integrate our test results through HIPAA-compliant email, fax, color printed reports, and an online portal. Our knowledgeable medical education, clinical support, and customer service team are committed to ensuring a successful clinic implementation.


Blueprint Diagnostics works with clinicians by providing actionable information to personalize treatment options for patients.


The Blueprint Diagnostics Report


We continue to hear how much doctors love the depth of information provided in our report, and also our style of presentation. You can find a sample here to see how easy but comprehensive our analysis is. We even offer a red/yellow/green risk score to identify immediate problems and for easy results-tracking. Show a sample lab report




Critical Values


Life-threatening test results are flagged as Critical Alerts and will be reported immediately. Please contact customer support at contact us for information on our critical values.


Insurance and Billing Information


If you are considering testing from Blueprint Diagnostics, you may have questions about how the tests are reimbursed.


Blueprint Diagnostics licenses out its proprietary information, reporting, services with licensed laboratories across the country. You will not receive any bill from Blueprint Diagnostics. Your physician will forward your insurance information to the associated laboratory along with your blood work, and the lab will file a claim with your insurance company. When this claim is received, most insurance carriers will send you a detailed description of the charges billed to them and the amount they paid on those charges. This document is often called a Claim Summary or Explanation of Benefits (EOB). The EOB typically lists a “Balance Due,” which is what the insurance company estimates you will owe after their payments. The EOB is NOT A BILL, and no money is due at the time you receive it. Each laboratory has their own process and policies to assist patients understand their EOB. Please contact us for further assistance.