About Us

A strategic game plan for treating patients

Blueprint Diagnostics specializes in innovative diagnostic testing, analytics and support solutions. Our unique approach to health information provides a comprehensive, accurate and meaningful window into the patients’ health which allows healthcare providers to achieve better clinical outcomes.

We are passionate about helping healthcare providers identify and reverse disease risk in their patients. Together, through early detection and personalized treatment strategies, we can help improve patient health and wellness, and reduce the growing number of deaths and disability in adults due to chronic diseases.

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Transform the way medicine is practiced through proactive prevention
Vision: To reverse the epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, and related chronic conditions
Values: Empowerment, Passion, Simplicity, Results Driven

Advisory Board

Blueprint Diagnostics collaborates with an extensive group of clinicians, scientists and business professionals to provide insight, direction and expertise to ensure our continued growth as a leader in healthcare management.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Consistent, attentive support – call us anytime to interpret results or ask questions
  • Extensive test menu options include routine and advanced tests for nutrition, metabolism, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune, inflammation and hormones
  • Precise, detailed, accurate and personalized reporting
  • Lightning-fast turnaround (average 48 to 72 hours)
  • State-of-the art dashboard reporting offering comprehensive results in an easy-to-read format for both patients and doctors
  • Green, yellow, red dashboard for instant classification and risk assessment
  • Comparative analysis to track changes over baseline numbers
  • Web-based patient management tool
  • Clinical data combined with results to provide comprehensive risk assessments
  • Our services is easy to implement at your practice
  • Ongoing innovation to continuously expand and improve testing offered

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